Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Simple ritual to improve mental functions

The Banyan tree has great significance in Hinduism. Even in a scientific perspective, Banyan trees are of great value to the environment. They are one of the longest living things in the world (there have been claims of banyan trees that are more than 2500 years old !!!). The large foliage cover and plentiful fruits that they provide act as mini ecosystems on their own by providing shelter to a large number of animals. Also, it is even said that Banyan trees are on par with the Ozone layer in terms of purification and protection. These may be some of the reasons why our great sages conferred so much respect and importance to the Banyan tree.

The following is a simple ritual to counter the malefic effects of mercury and to improve peace of mind, intelligence, mental functioning, reduce tensions, etc. This ritual is highly beneficial for young employees and students. Every day, after bathing in the morning, stand in front of a banyan tree and chant the following mantras (3 times each) :

om buudesaya namah
om sravyaya namah
om sreyaya namah
om aiswaryavaradaya namah
om gyanamayaya namah
om prathama poojithaya namah
om viswasthannave namah 
om aanandapoorithaya namah
om shaddguna sevyaya namah
om kanakadarine namah
om vishnuve namah
om paramatmane namah

Then while chanting 'om shree paramatmane namah' , perform a circumambulation (pradakshina) of the the Banyan tree 7 times.

Repeat this simple prayer for 11 consecutive days. Make sure that you perform the ritual and the chanting slowly , without being in any haste. Try to breathe slowly and deeply and clear your mind of any negative thoughts. It is also highly recommended to sit under a Banyan tree and chant the mantra for a few mins.

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